Branding and Promotion is very important for increasing the brand awareness and recall. A mobile app is like a blank billboard sign that one can use to promote the brand in the way one wants. Many businesses are now looking to use mobile apps to encourage customer interaction and loyalty.

App Promotion

A good place to start your plans for app promotion is to look at how apps are commonly discovered by mobile users. The mobile apps are used for:
1) To give your customers a seamless experience
2) It is an extension of your brand
3) Increase brand awareness and recall
4) Be unique, unlike your competitors
5) Pace up engagement around your brand

asp dot net
asp dot net

Web Promotion

The web based promotion mechanisms still rule the world and provide the promotion support for a vast majority. Though Mobile based promotions have been increasing rapidly over the last couple of period, Web based promotion is still one of the major promotion ways and can reach to a large number of people immediately. The various ways to improve brand management and recall through Web methods are:
1) Page Improvement
2) Surveys
3) Paid Search