Today, Inflectica is the foremost recognized name in the space of Mobile Applications.

We are a gang of innovators out to take over the digital world. Instead of using machine guns and laser beams we use weapons like PHP, MySQL, HTML5, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc to make killer web designs and developments that are meant to knock out our competitors and establish a new wave of innovation on the web.

About Us

After working with the many companies across the world,We decided that building third-party projects was not as fulfilling as working on their own ideas, so they decided to work together and form Inflectica which will make people rethink and redefine their requirements and present them with a completely different model of app development and promotion.

Global Delivery Model

Onsite-Nearshore-Offshore Delivery model, or a combination of one of these, enables clients to effectively leverage Inflectica’s three major areas of strength:

Ability to quickly situate key players such as business domain experts, business process designers, account managers, architects, business analysts and technical specialists onsite, where they can interact with key stakeholders every day.

Ability to manage projects round the clock by utilizing our significant presence in the United States which spans both coasts and deploying onshore-offshore project management teams that work in tandem.

Ability to quickly deploy and scale offshore teams comprising experienced project managers, mobile application developers and testers with reliable and latest communication channels to interact with onsite teams.

Inflectica’s collaborative work environment, along with our philosophy of partnering with our clients, ensures a seamless Delivery model that is unmatched for its cost efficiency.

Inflectica Family

Meet the collaborators that are redefining the Software Developemnt Landscape with their innovative approach and path breaking strategies. From web, mobile and back-end engineers to designers, illustrators, secretaries and more. These are some of our prominent leaders who are always on the look for something fresh and new.

Our Mission

Reinvent the Mobile and Digital world.

There are too many Mobile apps and websites that are simply boring and inefficient to use. We at Inflectica, have vowed to make it easy for everyone to use and allow the business owners to reach more people and have a better adoption in the Web and Mobile work. We are always working to rectify this problem by making sites for web as well as mobiles that are gorgeous in design and smooth in functionality.

Our Vision

Businesses are defined by how well their customers adopt?

We envision to bring all the businesses on the top of Mobile and Web platforms and enable the users to get the benefits of these businesses from any where and at anytime. We also envision to empower the Businesses to reach a wider audience and to be able to perform business globally rather than being a local player so that more and more people can benefit from each other.